Core Values

At the core of everything we do, we are committed to help your business T.H.R.I.V.E.

E2T Core Values

Total Accountability – We are committed to ensuring that your goals are met.

Honesty and Integrity – We will handle your account with honesty, trust and care.

Reliable and Trustworthy – Our approach-ability enables us to become your trusted partner in success.

Innovative and Tech Savvy – We are committed to innovation and recognize that growth only occurs at that moment when you embrace change.

Visionary – Our constant forward thinking enables us to consistently stay ahead of the curve.

Efficient   – We are committed to the use of innovative products to complete every job with minimum time and effort.



Our mission is to empower business owners and entrepreneurs to thrive financially by gaining financial control and creating wealth and legacy.



To educate and support business owners on how to manage their business finances and still grow their business.