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Starving for cash

The Company was in search of an  outsourced controller to provide monthly financials to management that were timely and accurate.  They were not receiving this at the time of bringing us on board and therefore were unable to ascertain whether the company was generating a profit or loss.  Read more.


Ready to grow but don’t know how

The Company was in search of an outsourced bookkeeper to organize their prior financials for a tax filing deadline.  They were relatively small and seeking guidance on how to grow their business so that it could support their life. Read more.


Know your numbers to grow your numbers

The Company was in search of an outsourced bookkeeper to help organize and maintain their financial records.  They were bringing on new clients consistently and leaving money on the table because they didn’t have the time to do it all. Read more.


Not so tech savvy 

The Company promoted a staff member to manage the books and work directly in their accounting software.  This staff had no prior accounting or accounting software knowledge or training. Management was seeking training on how to navigate the software so that the staff could produce the reports they needed on a monthly basis. Read more.


improving the process   

The Company manages staff out of two office locations under two different divisions. They have an in-house bookkeeper who was recording timesheets daily in a journal book. She was recording it by day and by project, however, she was recording a straight 8 hours per day per employee. With no way of knowing whether a person worked 8 hours that day; or more or less. We recommended to management that they get a system where employees could clock in and out so they could get actual time worked. Read more.




“It has been a pleasure working with Sherrell Martin for these past couple of days. I came to Ms. Martin with a panic to assist with cleaning up my financial tracking in QuickBooks. She not only taught me some knacks, but she was patient and explained everything to my understanding. She prepared everything to make this clean-up a smooth one, she did not require a lot from me, just some documents to assist in the accuracy of the clean-up. Her phone was always on and she answered without hesitation every time I called. As a result, my team and I got through our financial committee meeting with our board chairs with a smile. I will defiantly be utilizing the training’s that Ms. Martin teaches to get a better understanding of Nonprofit Accounting and QuickBooks. I would recommend Ms. Martin to anyone interested in learning more about their accounting software and financial statements.” ~ Felicia Fort, Business Manager, Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development, http://www.cnhed.org


“I knew to take my business to the next level I had to add to my team a financial expert specializing in small business ownership. I watched Sherrell Martin/Nitram Financial Solutions online for months before meeting her in person. There was an instant connection and the journey began. Before working with Sherrell I treated my business finances like I had a hobby. Working with Sherrell has helped me to “think like a CEO”, make necessary adjustments (which I’m still doing), be more accountable, make better business decisions and focus on growing my bottom line.  The most significant improvement is the “clear picture of opportunity” to grow my profits Sherrell helps me to see with every encounter. My advice for those thinking of working with Sherrell and the Nitram Financial Solutions Team is a don’t delay another moment. TAKE ACTION NOW to see massive transformation sooner than later in your bottom line.”  ~ Dr. Vikki Johnson, CEO, Authentic Living Enterprises, LLC, http://www.vikkijohnson.com


“I am thrilled to recommend Sherrell T. Martin of Empower 2 Thrive, LLC, as a speaker and small business financial advisor. Her topics and presentations are engaging, fun, and break down the intimidating and often overwhelming topics of financial management and bookkeeping into accessible language. The accompanying materials are easy to navigate, helpful, and informative for both novice and seasoned small business owners.  I had the pleasure of subcontracting Sherrell as part of a small business education and advising program I administered. She was incredibly professional in her presentations, follow-up, responsiveness, and participation.   Her contributions enhanced the quality of the overall program content immeasurably. I watched the participants breathe a big sigh of relief as she took difficult financial terms and practices and made them easy to understand and gave a suggested plan for implementation.  Sherrell is an incredible asset. Her dedication to independent businesses is genuine and any small business financial education or advising program would  benefit tremendously from her expertise.”  ~ M. Hooker, Meryl Hooker, Inc., http://wwww.merylhooker.com


“Before Sherrell trained me on how to use QuickBooks, I was hesitant to use the system.  I had just recently took on the responsibility of handling the day to day bookkeeping and had never used it before.  Sherrell trained me one-on-one so that I could learn how to navigate through the program.  As a result of her training, I have experienced a great improvement in being able to keep track of the company’s finances and records.  My advice to those who are looking to take a training session with Sherrell is that it will be one of the wisest choices you will make regarding the accounting and finances for your company.”  ~ J. Ingram, National Apartment Services  http://www.RentReadyToday.com


“I knew I wanted to be a doctor.  What I didn’t realize was that being a doctor would mean owning my own business.  I have never taken a business or accounting class.  My 20+ years of schooling never once talked about profit/loss statements or cash flow.  So when I opened my own practice last year I was completely lost when it came to organizing the financial side of my office.  Sherrell came to my rescue!  She recommended Freshbooks, an online cloud-based accounting system that would work with my practice as it grew and that I could access from any computer (even my smartphone!).  It is simple to use and keeps my books in fantastic shape.  My accountant remarked that I am one of his easiest accounts because Freshbooks gives him the exact information he needs in clear, concise, categorical order.  Sherrell Martin and Freshbooks have given me simple tools that have helped make my business a success from the very beginning!” Dr. Ilana Goldberg, D.C., Falls Church Wellness Center, Falls Church, VA http://www.holistichealthprovider.com


“Thank you again for an awesome presentation! The information you shared with the attendees was informative, relevant and exactly what we needed to hear as business women. Many have expressed how they have been inspired and armed with information on how to take action to shift with renewed energy to start working their businesses and projects.  The feedback survey responses were excellent. What seemed to make the biggest impression on the business women was the valuable information you shared and the time you took to answer questions and make sure they had the tools they needed. The business women also enjoyed the time they had to network and appreciated you networking with them throughout the entire event. At the end of the workshop, everyone was so energized that they didn’t want to leave. Thank you again for your roll in making the workshop a success. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”  ~ Darlene and Skyy, Sisters in Spirit, Stockbridge, GA http://www.sister-in-spirit.net


“I just wanted to again take the time to say how much I enjoyed your presentation and how you blessed my conference. It truly meant a lot.”  Jennifer FoxworthyInspirationally Speaking, Lusby, MD http://www.inspirationallyspeaking.com


“Sherrell has done an excellent job in addressing and helping me to further identify the best course of actions to take to further grow my business.”  ~ R. Kemp, DJ Liability, LLC – Suitland, MD http://www.djliability.com


“I am constantly impressed with the level of service Sherrell provides. We will be a client for life.” ~ A. Martin, Martin’s Landscape and Design, LLC – Fort Washington, MD


“Sherrell, your expertise, flexibility, commitment, professionalism and willingness to work with me through my array of problems was priceless and never to be forgotten.” ~R. Kemp,  DJ Liability, LLC – Suitland, MD http://www.djliability.com


“I worked with Sherrell and was impressed with her technical skills and intellect. She is a highly motivated individual who can grasp the big complicated picture while keeping an eye on the details.” ~ R. Pawar, Corporate Client – Washington, DC


“Sherrell did accounting work for several years where I was employed. She was very professional and I enjoyed working with her. She is quite knowledgeable of the accounting process.” ~ C. Scheele, Small Business Client, Bethesda, MD


“Sherrell is an excellent accountant! Her company provides accounting services for small businesses, financial planning, and some tax services. She is very accessible and detailed. I have used her services for 5 years and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an accountant.” ~ P. Dennis, B&C Health Services, LLC, Fort Washington, MD  http://www.bandchealthservices.com   


“Budgeting isn’t my favorite thing in my role but somehow you make it pleasant.” ~ T. Townsend, Corporate Client, Springfield, VA


“I have worked directly with Sherrell over the last several years. Her work ethic is one to be modeled from and ranks as a ‘Gold Standard’. She presents herself with dedication and commitment while maintaining a high level of customer-centered focus.” ~T. Blanchard, Corporate Client, Springfield, VA


“Empower 2 Thrive (now Notram Financial Solutions) is technology forward, fast, efficient and knowledgeable in accounting principles. Sherrell takes a holistic approach to your financial future. I recommend their services in order to get your business finances in order.” ~ A. Hancock, B-Dexterous, LLC, Alexandria, VA  http://www.bdexterous.com/


“Perfect level of energy for talk and environment. Very professional and commanding demeanor.  Extreme ease in understanding content of talk for the everyday person and made financial information interesting. I have never experienced that before.  I was able to apply the content to my personal and business life.  I would definitely see Sherrell speak again.”  ~ Lisa Elliott, A Little Bash, Alexandria, VA  http://www.alittlebash.com


“Sherrell, It was really great to meet you in person.  Your input and advice are valuable to me.” ~ Amelia Robinette, Virginia, www.momstillcares.com


“Thanks SO  MUCH for your help yesterday.  I feel so much better, and now I feel like I get through this.  I can’t thank you enough.  This is the best Christmas present EVER!”  ~ Harriet Matsushima, Caring Transitions of Alexandria, http://www.estatemovealexandriava.com/