As a successful business, there are times when you need on-site support on a part-time, temporary, interim or project basis. You may be in need of someone to fill in:

  • when a staff takes an extended leave for maternity or health reasons
  • when a staff is promoted to a new position
  • when you take on a new project that requires an expert to help manage the finances of that project

By outsourcing your accounting department functions, you can focus on what’s more impocloud accounting solutionsrtant – servicing your clients and growing your business.  You would immediately be able to reduce costs and operate your business more efficiently.  High dollar overhead costs for benefits, training or hiring will be a thing of the past.  We will support your business at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. You will be provided a highly trained expert on your team who will provide the knowledge you need to help you understand the underpinnings that are hurting your business growth.

Our team includes:

Bookkeepers – Who handle all the day to day tracking of your income and expenses.  They provide support for our Controller and CFO.

Controllers – Who provide constant analysis to help you determine the areas in your business that are sucking out all of your profits.  They help you understand what your numbers REALLY say about your business.

CFOs – Who develops strategies that are in line with your business goals to help take your business to the next level.  And they make your tax accountant a very happy person.

We help you to:

♦  Spend more time on doing what you love which is focusing on your core business and less time doing what you hate.

♦  Stop you from feeling of frustration and confusion because you don’t understand the numbers in your business by providing customized service and training.

♦  Develop strategies on how to increase you cash flow and keep more money in your business so you can stop staying up late at night typing numbers in excel.

♦  Establish systems so that your business can operate more efficiently and stop racing against time to meet financial deadlines.

So if you are ready to

  • Dig yourself out of the receipts, invoices and monthly statements
  • Stop fighting with your accounting software
  • Get a real understanding of the numbers in your business so you can increase your profits and cash flow

Then check out one of our services to see how we can support your business.


Nitram Financial Solutions is a Maryland DOT Certified MBE | DBE | SBE company and a Prince George’s County SBE. You can view our Capability Statement.

Nitram Financial Solutions provides services under the following NAIC codes – 541219, 541611