One-on-One Training

We offer one-on-one QuickBooks training for:

  • The business owner who needs to be able to run reports after hours or when their bookkeeper is on vacation
  • The bookkeeper who is barley skating by with inputting transactions because they don’t have a clue what to do
  • The staff person who needs personal one-on-one attention, has tons of questions and learns better in a non-group environment

Group Training

We offer group QuickBooks training for:

  • An organization looking to increase awareness regarding business financial management in the community
  • An organization looking to provide departmental training to increase employee morale
  • An institution looking to provide workforce and professional development training to support economic growth

“Sherrell was great at addressing all questions and presenting info in a detailed, clear manner. This workshop is great.” ~ Maryland Women’s Business Center Participant

quickbooks_new_logoTitle:  QuickBooks® Online Training: Managing Your Finances In The Cloud™

Are you knee deep in invoices and receipts because you are not inputting your transactions into your QuickBooks file?

  • Are you constantly frustrated because you don’t know how to use QuickBooks correctly?
  • Do you have a new staff member who is not working as efficiently as you think they should in QuickBooks?
  • Could proper training help you run your business more efficiently and effectively?
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What are people saying about our workshops…

“I think that it was great, especially the free pens – hehe.  I like that you walked us through things on the mock company apposed to just explaining it.  Seeing it helped a lot.  You do a great job answering questions and as I’m inputting my data into QB I am more familiar with the things we went over during the class.  I think you should have a series of these classes.  Maybe industry based aka service companies, apposed to a product company etc. And/Or break down the topics and get into more details.  Overall it was very helpful and thank you for your time.”  ~ Miranda Lishaa, Schaefer Home Services

“My intention is to take the class again.  You showed me little short cuts and a better idea of what areas do but seeing it again would increase my knowledge.  You are an excellent speaker and I thank you for your time. Chances are you will see me again.”  ~ Babette, Rescom Elevators,

“I attended your QuickBooks Online session recently and thoroughly enjoyed the class.  I felt like I learned a lot and have a better sense of you to navigate within the system.” ~ Mercedita Roxas-Murray CEO, Montage Marketing Group, LLC,



“Best workshop I have attended this far. This should be a required course. Wish there was a hands on follow up.” ~ Maryland Women’s Business Center Participant

“Before Sherrell trained me on how to use QuickBooks, I was hesitant to use the system.  I had just recently took on the responsibility of handling the day to day bookkeeping and had never used it before.  Sherrell trained me one-on-one so that I could learn how to navigate through the program.  As a result of her training, I have experienced a great improvement in being able to keep track of the company’s finances and records.  My advice to those who are looking to take a training session with Sherrell is that it will be one of the wisest choices you will make regarding the accounting and finances for your company.”  ~ J. Ingram, National Apartment Services


If you would like to bring one of these courses to your office for one-on-one private training or group training for your staff or organization, contact us for pricing.