Aug 02 2016

How To Run Financial Reports in Xero

About a month ago, I did a #techtalktuesday tip on how to run financial reports in QBO.

Well this week I am going to share a video on how to run financial reports in Xero.

As I mentioned before, one of the questions I get most often asked is “can you send me the most recent financials” or “how do I get financials out of my accounting system.”

And since we do have clients who use Xero, I realized they needed this tip too.

So in this video, I show you how run financials in Xero.

As I have said before, as a business owner you show know how to do the basics in your accounting platform. And running financials and other reports is just one of those basic tasks. This is important for you to know so that you can better manage the financial health of your business.

Sherrell T Martin

Sherrell T Martin is the Founder and CEO of Nitram Financial Solutions, a division of Empower 2 Thrive, LLC, which is an award winning financial management and business consulting practice specializing in helping business owners prevent money leaks so they can experience increased cash flow and maximized profits. She strives to empower business owners and entrepreneurs to thrive financially in life and business by gaining financial control and creating wealth and legacy. In working with Sherrell, business owners will receive a strategic assessment that will allow them to review, revise & renew their financial management systems. To take our financial Health Checkup - How Financially Fit is Your Business and receive a subscription to her bi-weekly e-zine, Financially Fit, visit http://eepurl.com/bigY3r.

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