Who We Are

Welcome to Nitram Financial Solutions, a division of Empower 2 Thrive, LLC.  We are a woman owned financial services and business consulting practice located in National Harbor, Maryland.  With over 19 years of experience in accounting, of which 13 were in public accounting, and a burning desire to help other business owners thrive financially, we provide financial management services to businesses, corporations and organization that allow them to use financial results to move the needle in their business.  Our experience has enabled us to help business owners look at their business from a growth and sustainability vantage point.

finance team 2We perform various general accounting procedures, business analysis and financial management consulting for businesses who are in need of additional support within their finance department.  We thrive in working with companies who are experiencing change and recognize that it cannot occur without having the right team in place.  We are the leading financial management consulting firm at providing strategies that will increase cash flow and maximize profits.  Unlike other financial firms, we are more than bookkeepers. We provide a strategic assessment that allows us to review, revise & renew the financial management systems of the companies we support.

Our work consists of:

  • Overcoming obstacles and adversity to successfully increase cash flow
  • Making you more confident in your ability to boost profits
  • Empowering you with the knowledge and skills to lead your business financial success
  • Experiencing record growth in a short period of time
  • Consistently demonstrating control over the financial aspects of your business


“I have worked directly with Sherrell over the last several years. Her work ethic is one to be modeled from and ranks as a ‘Gold Standard’. She presents herself with dedication and commitment while maintaining a high level of customer centered focus.” ~T. Blanchard, Corporate Client, Springfield, VA


What makes us different is: 

  1. We are more than just accountants and bookkeepers – we are trusted advisors.
  2. We are so passionate about helping businesses THRIVE that we don’t just focus on keying in the numbers and making sure they are accurate; we also help our clients develop financial strategies that will move the needle in their business.
  3. We work with our clients to improve their financial processes so they can operate more efficiently and effectively.

Here’s how we can support you:

  • Become your back office support department and create financial organization for your company
  • Become you Chief Financial Solutions advisor to help guide your organization onto the path of financial success using analysis and strategy
  • Consult and offer insight or strategy for your finance and business structure
  • Train or develop your staff or team on QuickBooks, Xero or other financial management topics
  • Speak to members of your organization at conferences or live eventsFinancial Health checkup


Please browse our site and see how we can support you.  How financially healthy is your business? Find out if your business is financially fit to survive and thrive by taking our Financial Health Check by clicking Take The Quiz.  Find out today if yourbusiness is financially stable, at-risk or in critical condition.  And as a BONUS, you will receive a free subscription to our bi-weekly e-zine, Financially Fit, which is full of tools, tips and resources to help you move the needle in your business and become a financially thriving one.


Nitram Financial Solutions, a division of Empower 2 Thrive LLC, is not a CPA firm and we don’t do taxes. We will, however, provide your tax CPA with accurate and up-to-date numbers so they can focus on preparing your return and not on cleaning up data, bookkeeping or accounting.  Tax regulations are complex and constantly changing and for that reason we have partnered with some amazing CPAs and tax accountants who are awesome at what they do.

E2T Core Values

At the core…

Core Values At the core of everything we do, we are committed to help your business T.H.R.I.V.E. Total accountability – We are committed to ensuring that your goals are met. Honesty and Integrity – We will handle your account with honesty, trust, and care. Reliable and Trustworthy  – Our approach-ability enables us to become your …

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In the Press

PRESS RELEASES… Local Business Owners Joins The Board of New Maryland Chamber – January 14, 2016 Local Small Business Joins Intuit Global Network – June 7, 2016 Springboard Helps County Start Ups Become the Next Fortune 500 in Prince George’s County – May 10, 2016 MD Small Business Expands and Launches New Division – April 16, …

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Meet Our Team

Chief Financial Solutions Officer Sherrell is the Managing Member of Empower 2 Thrive, LLC, a wholly owned women business which is the parent company to Nitram Financial Solutions.  She is an award winning financial management consultant, accountant, speaker and trainer.  Sherrell brings to the table 20 years of experience in accounting and financial management. After …

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cloud accounting process

Our Cloud Accounting Process

The Nitram Cloud Accounting Process is the process we follow to ensure that our clients financial records are accurate and up to date in real time.

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Who We Serve

  Managing the financial health of your business requires the assistance of a financial expert who knows the terrain of your industry.  Someone who can come in and assess your circumstances and take immediate action to get you back on track. At Nitram we recognize that this support is needed at all levels of business. …

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bookkeeping pile of receipts

How to Maintain Expense Receipts in the Cloud

I hate paper. Unless it is green with pictures of presidents on it. Don’t judge me – you feel the same way too. But seriously – I hate paper and how it takes control of my desk, my dresser and my kitchen table. We, and by we, I mean you and me, consume so much …

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Xero running reports

How To Run Financial Reports in Xero

About a month ago, I did a #techtalktuesday tip on how to run financial reports in QBO. Well this week I am going to share a video on how to run financial reports in Xero. As I mentioned before, one of the questions I get most often asked is “can you send me the most …

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financial strategy

Financial Strategy – The Fourth Pillar of Financial Success

Today we are going to talk about the last pillar – Financial Strategy which focuses on analytics, pricing and strategies to grow your business.  See most people think that you can just put up a shingle and poof business will come.  But it’s just not that simple.  So if you think that’s the way it’s going to …

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